Live Well Springfield Coalition brings together over 30 organizations working together to build and sustain a culture of health in Springfield that includes the broadest definition of health, including healthy eating, active living, the built environment, economic opportunity, housing, and education. This effort involves diverse cross-sector stakeholders willing and committed to working together.  Priorities, decisions, and resource allocation will be equitable, data-driven, built on trust, and culturally humble. To ensure lasting and equitable change, the work has to happen at multiple levels – policy, systems, programs, and environment and be dedicated to undoing structural and institutional racism.  We celebrate our accomplishments together and know that there will always be work to do to safeguard and sustain the culture of health for all in Springfield.

How we function when we are at our best

We function at our best when we include many voices, have shared understandings on how we work together, and have open and respectful communication.  We are at our best when we are acting collectively so what we do individually is strategic toward the larger goal.  We are at our best when we understand ourselves, strive to understand each other, and assume good will.  We are at our best when we have strong communication strategies internally and externally; and openly talk about the intersections of race and health.  We are at our best when we have a roadmap for success that we use as a guidepost, both to build upon and celebrate accomplishments. We are at our best when we learn, innovate, adapt and hold ourselves accountable.

What is the benefit of being a part of the Live Well Springfield Coalition?

Being a part of the LiveWell Springfield Coalition provides opportunity to: build strong relationships; develop coordinated action toward a common goal; access a broad range of information, expertise and data; and create opportunities to strategically pool resources and leverage funding.  As a dynamic multi-sector collaborative, we are part of something bigger than any of our individual organizations.  We have a positive understanding of the community and can easily mobilize to solve problems as they emerge.  We learn from and inspire each other to make Springfield an equitable and healthy place for everyone.