Lunch Makeover

Hey Springfield! Do you or somebody you know need a “lunch makeover”? Live Well Springfield and the Center for Wellness Education and Research at Springfield College have partnered to create a program where we take your current lunch and provide you a healthy makeover resulting in a delicious and nutritious lunch.

Sponsored by
CWER Springfield College

The Lunch Makeover – Springfield! project is designed to help individuals who live or work in Springfield to eat a healthier lunch.  Participants will request a lunch makeover by submitting a form electronically.  Participants will be selected randomly and will be contacted by the staff from the Center for Wellness Education and Research (CWER) at Springfield College.  The staff will ask for a brief bio about you, and will ask for the complete contents of your typical lunch, along with a picture of that lunch.  The CWER will then provide you with a lunch makeover by creating a healthier lunch for you, and delivering that lunch to you at work or at your home.  A nutritional analysis of your original lunch and new lunch will be provided, as well as preparation / purchasing details.

A lot of people might benefit from learning about your lunch makeover!  We would only like participants who are willing to have us feature your lunch makeover on our web site.  As we generate several makeovers, we will be able to have numerous examples of how to improve the healthfulness of lunches for you, for the people you care about, and for the community.

Please complete this form to request a lunch makeover. When you click “submit” the request will be sent to the staff at the Center for Wellness Education and Research at Springfield College. Participants will be randomly selected; not all applicants will be selected due to time and budgetary limitations.

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