Fun & Fitness

Believe it or not, “fun” and “fitness” can go in the same sentence. Just ask Brenda Santana or Rosalie Sutton — two Springfield residents who have found ways to get more active and have a blast doing it.

Many of us struggle with issues such as weight, diabetes, depression, and anxiety: Finding ways to be active that work for your lifestyle can go a long way in managing those challenges — and get you on the path to a healthier, longer life. Do it for yourself, as well as for those who love you.

On this website, you’ll be introduced to a long list of ways to stay active in the Springfield area: rowing, bicycling, indoor and outdoor walking, and more! Find an activity that works for you, however small a change that might mean. Remember, little changes often mean big results. So pick an activity that sounds interesting and manageable and give it a try. Let’s Live Well, Springfield!

For ideas and guidelines on where to start with getting active, take a look at this short video from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.