Audrey Jenkins

We are responsible for each other

Audrey Jenkins Born and raised in Cuthberth, GA, Audrey Jenkins has found her passion smack dab in the middle of Springfield. She volunteers with Way Finders (lighting, safe walks to schools, walk audits, overseeing trash and overgrowth) and with Brookings Elementary (Walk Club and preparing bags of food for those who have food inequities) where she helps those in her community. Audrey enjoys encouraging parents to partake and be involved with their children.

What motivates you?

Audrey is retired but most recently worked as a residential advisor at Job Corps for 16 years. She is motivated by the children she once worked with as well as her children and grandchildren to create a better community for all, regardless of race. “We are responsible for each other. We want [our community] to be clean so we can be healthy,” Audrey said.

What would be your advice to others who want to get active but don’t know how?

Audrey says that Way Finders is always looking for volunteers, which meet once a month at Brookings Elementary. She also suggests attending city council meetings.

What issues concern you on most days?

“Crossing at schools,” Audrey explains. “People are speeding and crossing guards have been hit. Two deaths have occurred in our area. Every person matters.”

How do you stay involved in advocating for better services even when life is already full of challenges?

Audrey believes that hearing stories encourages you to want to do more. “I’m going to give it everything I have as long as I can,” she exclaimed. She is fighting to keep drugs out of the community, to clean the areas, to create safe routes, to feed young children, and to groom junior advocates. .